Parking at Newark Airport Short Term Parking

Toll-free Information Line Eases Hassle of New Jersey Airport Parking

Before heading to park at Newark Liberty International Airport, making one-toll free call can save you time and hassle. The free Parking Information line reached at 1-888-397-4636 will alert you to current parking conditions at the airport and can even connect you to a live person if you have additional questions.

Parking at Newark Airport features a good range of options and rates for both business and pleasure travelers. The most economical on-site New Jersey airport parking is the Long Term Parking Lot P6, reached by free shuttle bus running every 10-15 minutes during daylight hours and every 20 minutes during the night. Rates are $12 a day and a good option if you have the extra time it takes to transfer to the bus to take you to your proper terminal for departure.

Parking at Newark Airport – Short Term Parking Options

The most expensive yet most convenient parking at Newark Airport option at is Short Term Parking Lots A, B and C located directly in front of each Terminal. Rates here are $3 for the first 30 minutes; $6 per hour, or $30 daily. Parking at Newark Airport also offers valet parking for $36 daily.

Daily Parking Lots P1, P2 and P3 can be reached via the airport’s free AirTran monorail system. Rates here are just a bit less on a daily basis ($24) but comparable to Short Term Parking by the hour ($6).

Disabled parking spaces are available at each of the New Jersey Airport parking options, but be sure to display a valid and current placard ($12 daily).

Parking at Newark Airport – Least Expensive Parking for Travelers

There are also numerous off-site New Jersey Airport parking options which are the least expensive for the traveler, as little as $9 daily. Corporate Parking at Newark Airport, Vista Airport Parking, Park 2 Go and are all popular and well-liked operations, but again, make sure you have the time to take the free shuttle to your ultimate Terminal destination.

Any of the New Jersey Airport Parking options at Newark Liberty International Airport accepts payment by cash, personal check or credit card for your convenience.


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