Newark New Jersey

One of the largest cities in New Jersey, Newark resides by the beautiful sceneries of the Hudson River. Pride in few architectural gems, museums and a great transportation hub, a holiday in Newark is a worthwhile trip. Take your families for a great time in the city of Newark this vacation to enjoy the vibrant downtown and to steal glorious views of the century long architectural icons.

Boasting a larger population of Brazilian and Portuguese in the city, Newark is filled with a vast gastronomy of restaurants. Mouth-watering dishes to sweet delicacies are a fantasy of the locals and first time tourists. Taste some great croissants and cakes at the Brazilian Bakery and dine in at the Don Pepe 844 for gourmet cuisine with a Spanish taste.

Newark Museum is a great place to start your holiday. Open for all ages and interesting to all ages, the museum is one of a kind in the city. An enormous compound, the museums features an over 50 art galleries and science centers. The mini zoo is an exciting place for kids and animal lovers. Planetarium for space freaks with telescopes and documentaries, the sculpture garden and the Ballantynes House are not to be missed. Take a break and sip a hot cup of coffee with cookies and sweets and the Museum cafe. Fascinating and interesting with rich history, take your kids and loved ones out to have a great day out at the Newark Museum with lots of surprises.

The Military Park at Downtown Newark is a spectacular sight to see. A former training ground for militia is now a park downtown attracting over hundreds of visitors all year around. Pay a visit to see the Wars of America monument which is a work of the Mount Rushmore artist. Impressive and interesting, don’t miss this masterpiece while in Newark. Grab some great deals and make it here with your families and loved ones for an amazing time.

Take a walk and relax at the Branch Brook Park for a evening break after tiresome shopping and rides around the city. The park is a meadowland and woodland with over 4000 cherry trees that blossom during April. The views are stunning and the variety of cherries is none other a scenic beauty.

The city is home to the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Pride in this architectural gem, it is a French gothic style cathedral visited by locals and tourists throughout the year. The 14 giant bells cast from Italy and the 200 stained glass windows, makes it a spectacular sight to see. Hosting a variety of symphony orchestras and other concerts, the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart is one place you mustn’t fail to visit in Newark. It’s one of the iconic architectures in the city of Newark.

Indulge in your favourite scrumptious cuisines and enjoy an amazing orchestra play at the great Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Cherish the beautiful moments and picturesque sights for an everlasting holiday in Newark.

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Downtown Newark – A Central Business Hub of New York

In the land of endless possibilities, one of the best places to visit if you want to party during your vacation is New York. Quite literally the city is dotted with bars and nightclubs which are most often than not crowded with partying locals during the weekends. Cielo is a great place to dance the night away and drink till your wallet runs dry. Some of New York’s best DJ’s perform here setting the scene for a hypnotic evening dominated by alluring beats. If you’re in town with your best mates and want to share a beer at a friendly local bar head to the Brass Monkey where the bartenders are more than welcoming and the drinks and snacks are finger licking perfect. Lowes 42nd St E-Walk Theatre is the place to be if you feel like watching a movie while in New York. The facilities here are excellent and you will be able to watch the latest Hollywood movies screening at various time slots.

Downtown Newark is also what’s known as the central business district of the Newark area. This area is said to be where the Puritans settled when they first set foot on these lands. This group of Protestants arrived to these parts under the leadership of Robert Treat. Most of the major office buildings which are based in Newark can be found here along with a number of significant government buildings. Those looking for dining options in the Downtown Newark area are in luck as several options can be found such as the 27 Mix, Side Bar & Grill, Famous Restaurant and Scull’s Public House. Shopping fanatics in town also have a myriad of options to choose from and can buy anything from jewellery to electronic goods while in Downtown Newark.

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A Walk in the Park at Newark

Although the state of New Jersey is relatively small, it offers some of the most unique places in the country, each rich in history and culture.

The oldest city in the state, and third in the country (behind New York and Boston), is the historically rich city of Newark. Known as the gateway to New Jersey, Newark is the financial, commercial and cultural nucleus of the Garden State. The city itself offers a rich variety of quality entertainment, dining, culture, and sports, which all combine to make Newark the ideal destination for your next driving holiday.

When it comes to getting to and around Newark, the best way to go is to hire a car from a rental company. The beauty of choosing this option is that you will have the freedom to do what you want, when you want and essentially, you can begin your journey from whichever destination in New Jersey that you like.

Once you arrive in Newark, you will find a city so wealthy in history, heritage, culture and the arts that you will not know where to begin.

Each April, the Branch Brook Park’s Cherry Blossom Festival attracts over 10,000 people.
NJPAC (above) has attracted over 500,000 people every year since its inauguration, and the Newark Museum (below) houses one of the country’s finest exhibits of American art.

In 1970, Newark became the first major northeastern city to elect a black mayor, Kenneth A. Gibson, and hope for an urban renaissance emerged in the 1980s with new residential and commercial construction.

In 1995, the opening of Society Hill, a 980-unit middle-income condominium complex in University Heights kicked off a recent housing boom. A $24.9 million HOPE I grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development resulted in the construction of New Community Hills, 206 townhouses completed in 2000 on the former location of the Hayes Homes public housing complex in the Central Ward. And the nonprofit, community-based organization, La Casa de Don Pedro, has now built 100 low- and moderate-income housing units in the city. These projects are part of a trend of replacing the high-rise public housing projects built during the ’50s and ’60s with modern developments.

By 2000, Newark led the state of New Jersey in new private residential construction. Moreover, according to the 2000 Census, the city’s population had stabilized, decreasing only 0.6 percent since 1990, suggesting that decades of massive population exodus are coming to an end.

Newark continues to thrive off its location, in the middle of one of the nation’s busiest transportation networks. Three miles outside of town the Newark Airport –– the busiest in the New York metropolitan region — is currently undergoing $3.8 billion in new construction. One of the largest truck terminals in the country is in Newark, and Port Newark, on Newark Bay, is still among the nation’s largest ports for containerized cargo.

Yet most of the focus of Newark’s revival has been directed toward recent cultural and entertainment developments in the heart of downtown. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) in particular has been cited as the catalyst of the current city center building explosion. The $187-million, 2,700-seat facility opened across from Military Park in October of 1997, and has been drawing over half a million visitors each year. Two years later, just up Broad Street, the $30 million Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium opened across from Washington Park, bringing minor league baseball back to Newark for the first time since 1950. The city also hopes to begin construction of the $355-million Newark Arena, a proposed 18,500-seat new home for the New Jersey Nets basketball and New Jersey Devils hockey teams.


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Things to Remember When Getting Your Car Back From the Airport Parking Lot

One of the most secure places to for which to park your car when travelling from Newark by air is to use the airport parking services in and around Newark Liberty International Airport. The high security provided assures the travellers that their car will be safe from vandalism or possible carjacking.

However your car is secure, there are some cases where it is not the car that is in danger but the traveller who is.

To make sure that you are safe from any potential harm or theft, here are some things to remember:

• It is best to make sure that your car is parked in a well lit area. This way when you arrive late at night you can see where you are going and you can see around you.

• Make sure that you have ready information where your car is parked. Do not get into a situation where you can be left stranded in the middle of the parking lot scratching your head wondering. This is a good sign from any criminal mind that you are a great target.

• When you get off the shuttle, make sure that you have your keys ready in your hand so you can immediately get into your car. If you are a little lost you can click on the electronic key which will ensure that your car will signal its response. When doing this, immediately click the electronic key again to close the car. This will prevent anyone from coming in without your knowing. Once in the car, lock the doors ASAP.

• Remember that if you do get into a situation, you only have two choices, your material things and your life. Your vehicle is not worth anything if you end up in a black bag or worse, beaten up.


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Airport Parking Assured With the Click of the Mouse

Newark International Airport parking services are convenient for the traveller who has no place to leave their vehicle in safety. The convenience of parking at or near the airport makes travelling easier and flexible. No need to worry on the safety of the car or coming home late at night with no one to pick you up. Simply take the shuttle to where your car is parked and go home.

However, the convenience of parking at the airport is now a little bit more complicated than it used to be. As more and more people are aware of the services the parking lots are mostly filled to the maximum capacity even before half the day is over. This makes travellers with vehicles get frustrated. The parking attendants can point you to the right direction if any difficulties are met. They can show you the nearest off airport parking lots which offer great security for you cars.

The best way to avoid any potential inconvenience is actually to go online and make reservations for a parking space. Make sure that the date of arrival is correct and if they ask for date of getting off the lot provide the information also. For those who do not know the date to pick up the car, inform the customer service of the company that you are making reservations with. The payment options are flexible and basically accept all major credit cards and Travellers Checks, they do not, however, accept personal checks.

Going to and from the parking lot to the terminal is also made easy by the free shuttle service. Ask an attendant to point you to the best place to wait for it. Take your luggage with you in the shuttle when you board.

Note: make sure that you have written down the number and the lot where you parked your car for easy access when you come back.


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Cheap Places to Park Your Car by the Airport

There are the airport parking lots which can cost an arm and a leg, but the security is great and it is convenient. Then there are the free parking lots which do not ensure the safety of your car.

That leaves us with the choice of having to look for an off Newark Liberty International Airport parking lot or service which can ensure security and yet be affordable. These do exist, but you have to make reservations.

The online sites will ensure your reserved space and the payment can also be made online. All you need to do is to go and click the mouse, make sure that all details are correct, ready the credit card for payment and within minutes your spot is paid and available on the day that you travel.

ABC parking costs about $9.00 a day, complete service of security, security pass, monitoring, shuttle service to take you to and from the airport terminal all with no parking taxes. When you make the reservations online you can immediately just print out the coupon and you are done. The only thing not going too well is the shuttle which can be slow at times.

There are also the number of hotels which can offer one to two weeks of free parking if you check in. this works well for early morning trips and the hotel provides the shuttle, hotel taxi and limousine service, it is your choice. With the free two weeks, this parking option makes even the short hotel stay even more cost effective and attractive to the clients and travellers.

These hotels also have a frequent stay program. These are for travellers who frequent the use of the hotel for their travel and with registration you can avail of the free stay and free overnight stay. Check out the different hotels online and find out which has the best and cheapest prices and accommodations for your vehicles.


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top places and things to do in newark

things to do in newark nj

If you are looking for things to do in Newark, New Jersey for art lovers this is a great place to visit


the newark museum

The Newark Museum, a mecca for art and artifacts, provides one the opportunity to see contemporary art, art from some of the most popular artists ever known and some incredible exhibits of pottery and artifacts. One will be surprised at some of the unexpected objects’d art, and a visit to the gift shop is a shopper’s paradise. There is an excellent planetarium and Museum weather station. There is a terrific café making it easy for one to spend the day.


The Ballantine House is part of the Newark Museum and is a separate wing. Built in 1885 for Jeannette and John Holme Ball, it contains 27 rooms. The rooms are filled with period furniture and artifacts of the Ball family. It is a museum in its own right and one will surely enjoy a visit to this marvelous place.

Seated Lincoln

Seated Lincoln is a marvelous statue of this famous leader sitting on a bench in front of the Essex Court House. A bronze statue sculpted by Gutzon Borglum and dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt on Memorial Day, 1911.

military park newark

Military Park is 6-acre Park in the middle of Newark. The highlight of this splendid memorial is the beautiful bronze statue Wars of America created by Gutzon Borglum. He also was responsible for the Presidents Monument in South Dakota. There is also a statue of the bust of President John F. Kennedy near the Wars of America sculpture.


The Jewish Museum of New Jersey was founded in 2003 by Joseph Selzer, after his visit to the Jewish Museum in Miami. New Jersey contains the fourth largest Jewish people in the US and can trace its roots to the 17th century. The museum is housed in the Ahavas Shalom Synagogue. No matter what one’s ethnic background, one will find terrific history of tolerance for all beliefs.

Branch Brook Park

The Branch Brook Park offers the largest selection of Japanese trees, with more than 4,000 blooming cherry trees. The Branch Brook Lake covers 24 acres and is stocked with trout. There are 19 unique bridges along the pathways of this wonderful park. It was started opened in 1867 and was the first county park opened to the public in the US. Many excellent restaurants and cafes can be found on Bloomfield Avenue, which bisects the park.

New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) If you are seeking to discover some of the finest acts and performances in the country, then you will definitely find them at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, which is located right in the heart of Newark.

The Center encompasses a 2,750 seat multi-purpose theater, a 500 seat intimate space, 2 restaurants and a new outdoor public plaza for the city. The NJPAC brings you the best in arts and entertainment from around the world, across the country and from the state of New Jersey. No matter what your fancy, there is sure to be something here you will like.

The centre is easily accessible by car and offers plenty of safe and affordable parking, so there really is no excuse not to pay a visit!

As has been demonstrated, there is an extremely strong focus of culture and the arts in the city of Newark. This makes it the perfect place to visit if this is what you are seeking in your next holiday in New Jersey.

City without Walls The City without Walls is an urban gallery of emerging art, which showcases some of the finest local artwork, as well as a select collection from across the nation. It is New Jersey’s oldest not-for-profit alternative art space and provides the public with the opportunity to understand and enjoy challenging contemporary art.

The vast variety of exhibitions will allow you to experience a whole new perspective on art that will broaden your horizons and give you a greater understanding of the local culture.

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Hotel Review – Country Inn and Suites – Newark Airport

I recently spent one night at the Country Inn & Suites near Newark Airport. The hotel is located at 100 Glimcher Realty Way. I was surprisingly pleased by this hotel!

There are many hotels in the area. I parked right in front of the hotel and upon checking in was given something to put in my car to show I was a guest. The check in clerk was very pleasant.

Right next to the check in desk is a small “store” that sold snacks, drinks, candy, sundries and microwavable food. There is also a room for continental breakfast (begins at 6 AM), an indoor pool and gym and a spot you can borrow books to read.

I took the elevator to my room which was a one bedroom suite and was very happy with the size. Upon walking in I found myself in the living room which had a cabinet with the t.v. in it, a couch and chair. Also in the room was a cabinet with a refrigerator, a microwave and coffee pot. Past that was the bathroom and shower, nicely sized and clean. There was a hair dryer in the bathroom.

There was also a desk with free internet access which worked perfectly. This is a big plus – I went from here with free internet to a five star resort in Mexico that had no internet access, which was a huge problem because I was working while on vacation.

Beyond that was the bedroom with a queen sized bed. There were the usual amenities of clock radio and ironing board.The bed was very comfortable and the room was very clean.

I checked out at 4 AM and checkout was a breeze.

The hotel is located very close to Newark Airport and offers Stay & Fly – you can leave your car (for a fee) at the hotel and be transported by van to and from the airport. The lot that the car are left in is fenced and I was told has a 24 hour guard.

The Jersey Gardens Mall is also right near the property and perfect for some shopping to kill time!

This hotel was an excellent value – I would not hesitate to stay here again. If I did, I’d leave my car here rather than parking at Avistar. The shuttle was very convenient.


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Newark International Airport

Some Great Info About Newark International Airport

One of the busiest airports in the country, Newark Liberty serves as a gateway for passengers from all over the world to the New York area, and is also a major hub for Continental / United Airlines. Travelers using the airport will find that Newark Liberty International Airport services are excellent and regardless of how much time you are spending at the airport, there are plenty of facilities for shopping and eating. Ground transportation links are also good, and parking facilities are convenient, with many parking spaces close to the terminal. In 2011, almost 34 million people flew in and out of the airport.

The airport is located close to the cities of Elizabeth, Jersey City and Staten Island, just off the New Jersey Turnpike, making it accessible by car from most parts of New Jersey and New York. There are short and long term parking areas, as well as restricted mobility spaces and parking spaces can be booked on line. If you are going to or from the airport by train, the airport’s AirTrain connects the different terminals, as well as NJ transit and northeast corridor rail lines, allowing easy access to both Manhattan and Philadelphia. Several major car rental companies have outlets at the airport, including Avis, Hertz and National, and NJ transit buses also connect the airport with the surrounding area. There is alaoo a wide range of private buses and airport shuttles, all of which pick up and drop off from dedicated and clearly indicated areas outside each terminal.

Newark Liberty has three terminals, designated as A, B and C, grouped around a central area. All three terminals have plenty of places to eat and drink, ranging from fast food and donuts, to a couple of Irish pubs, a steakhouse and a Wolfgang Puck cafe. There is also a wide choice of retail outlets in each of the three terminals, including a Metropolitan Museum of Art outlet, as well as the usual souvenir, book, toiletries and gadget stores. There is a Traveler’s Aid facility in each of the terminals, as well as currency exchange facilities for both arriving and departing passengers. Terminal C is also the location of the airport’s interfaith chapel. WiFi service is available throughout the airport, and unlimited use for a 24 hour period costs $12.95.

If you fly frequently, you can take advantage of the trusted traveler program, a strategy that has been designed to speed up the security and immigration processes for trusted and pre-cleared passengers. If you do have to stay overnight in the area, there are plenty of hotels located close to Newark Liberty, including the Marriott which is in the airport itself. The airport has also taken steps to make sure that their facilities are accessible to handicapped travelers, or those needing extra assistance. Each terminal has at least one handicapped accessible restroom, as well as hearing impaired telephones. Specially designed electric carts are also available for disabled passengers, and some car rental companies offer rental cars with hand controls.

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