Parking at Newark Airport Short Term Parking

Toll-free Information Line Eases Hassle of New Jersey Airport Parking

Before heading to park at Newark Liberty International Airport, making one-toll free call can save you time and hassle. The free Parking Information line reached at 1-888-397-4636 will alert you to current parking conditions at the airport and can even connect you to a live person if you have additional questions.

Parking at Newark Airport features a good range of options and rates for both business and pleasure travelers. The most economical on-site New Jersey airport parking is the Long Term Parking Lot P6, reached by free shuttle bus running every 10-15 minutes during daylight hours and every 20 minutes during the night. Rates are $12 a day and a good option if you have the extra time it takes to transfer to the bus to take you to your proper terminal for departure.

Parking at Newark Airport – Short Term Parking Options

The most expensive yet most convenient parking at Newark Airport option at is Short Term Parking Lots A, B and C located directly in front of each Terminal. Rates here are $3 for the first 30 minutes; $6 per hour, or $30 daily. Parking at Newark Airport also offers valet parking for $36 daily.

Daily Parking Lots P1, P2 and P3 can be reached via the airport’s free AirTran monorail system. Rates here are just a bit less on a daily basis ($24) but comparable to Short Term Parking by the hour ($6).

Disabled parking spaces are available at each of the New Jersey Airport parking options, but be sure to display a valid and current placard ($12 daily).

Parking at Newark Airport – Least Expensive Parking for Travelers

There are also numerous off-site New Jersey Airport parking options which are the least expensive for the traveler, as little as $9 daily. Corporate Parking at Newark Airport, Vista Airport Parking, Park 2 Go and are all popular and well-liked operations, but again, make sure you have the time to take the free shuttle to your ultimate Terminal destination.

Any of the New Jersey Airport Parking options at Newark Liberty International Airport accepts payment by cash, personal check or credit card for your convenience.


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Things to Remember When Getting Your Car Back From the Airport Parking Lot

One of the most secure places to for which to park your car when travelling from Newark by air is to use the airport parking services in and around Newark Liberty International Airport. The high security provided assures the travellers that their car will be safe from vandalism or possible carjacking.

However your car is secure, there are some cases where it is not the car that is in danger but the traveller who is.

To make sure that you are safe from any potential harm or theft, here are some things to remember:

• It is best to make sure that your car is parked in a well lit area. This way when you arrive late at night you can see where you are going and you can see around you.

• Make sure that you have ready information where your car is parked. Do not get into a situation where you can be left stranded in the middle of the parking lot scratching your head wondering. This is a good sign from any criminal mind that you are a great target.

• When you get off the shuttle, make sure that you have your keys ready in your hand so you can immediately get into your car. If you are a little lost you can click on the electronic key which will ensure that your car will signal its response. When doing this, immediately click the electronic key again to close the car. This will prevent anyone from coming in without your knowing. Once in the car, lock the doors ASAP.

• Remember that if you do get into a situation, you only have two choices, your material things and your life. Your vehicle is not worth anything if you end up in a black bag or worse, beaten up.


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Airport Parking Assured With the Click of the Mouse

Newark International Airport parking services are convenient for the traveller who has no place to leave their vehicle in safety. The convenience of parking at or near the airport makes travelling easier and flexible. No need to worry on the safety of the car or coming home late at night with no one to pick you up. Simply take the shuttle to where your car is parked and go home.

However, the convenience of parking at the airport is now a little bit more complicated than it used to be. As more and more people are aware of the services the parking lots are mostly filled to the maximum capacity even before half the day is over. This makes travellers with vehicles get frustrated. The parking attendants can point you to the right direction if any difficulties are met. They can show you the nearest off airport parking lots which offer great security for you cars.

The best way to avoid any potential inconvenience is actually to go online and make reservations for a parking space. Make sure that the date of arrival is correct and if they ask for date of getting off the lot provide the information also. For those who do not know the date to pick up the car, inform the customer service of the company that you are making reservations with. The payment options are flexible and basically accept all major credit cards and Travellers Checks, they do not, however, accept personal checks.

Going to and from the parking lot to the terminal is also made easy by the free shuttle service. Ask an attendant to point you to the best place to wait for it. Take your luggage with you in the shuttle when you board.

Note: make sure that you have written down the number and the lot where you parked your car for easy access when you come back.


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Cheap Places to Park Your Car by the Airport

There are the airport parking lots which can cost an arm and a leg, but the security is great and it is convenient. Then there are the free parking lots which do not ensure the safety of your car.

That leaves us with the choice of having to look for an off Newark Liberty International Airport parking lot or service which can ensure security and yet be affordable. These do exist, but you have to make reservations.

The online sites will ensure your reserved space and the payment can also be made online. All you need to do is to go and click the mouse, make sure that all details are correct, ready the credit card for payment and within minutes your spot is paid and available on the day that you travel.

ABC parking costs about $9.00 a day, complete service of security, security pass, monitoring, shuttle service to take you to and from the airport terminal all with no parking taxes. When you make the reservations online you can immediately just print out the coupon and you are done. The only thing not going too well is the shuttle which can be slow at times.

There are also the number of hotels which can offer one to two weeks of free parking if you check in. this works well for early morning trips and the hotel provides the shuttle, hotel taxi and limousine service, it is your choice. With the free two weeks, this parking option makes even the short hotel stay even more cost effective and attractive to the clients and travellers.

These hotels also have a frequent stay program. These are for travellers who frequent the use of the hotel for their travel and with registration you can avail of the free stay and free overnight stay. Check out the different hotels online and find out which has the best and cheapest prices and accommodations for your vehicles.


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